inSilence – Silence Retreat Ibiza will be on in Spring 2019


Soon there will be new dates available.

Silence speaks, can you hear what it tells you? A week of relaxation and connection to nature. Showing the other Ibiza

For ages Monks have been in complete silence in order to grow spiritually and learn more about life.
What happens with you when you are in complete silence for a week?
Do you need dialogue or can you communicate with your inner world?
On Ibiza, in nature, in a villa with swimming pool, great vegan food and workshops to get you through. 🙂
After a week of Silence you may feel more connected to yourself and your self knowledge.

All is inside.



Horse Guidance Weekend

Your reflection
Through the horse’s eye
A long weekend in Mallorca in which You, the wisdom of horses en your next steps are the central themes.
Horse Mirroring
How does a horse respond to you, when you are in its environment? What do horses show you about yourself and your behaviour? In a natural, authentic way the horses mirror your behaviour. Unconscious patterns and blind spots will be revealed, so you will gain more insights about yourself.

Offered in Dutch and English
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